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Outdoor Metal Sign - Office Decor - Personalized Gifts - Metal Wall Decor - Established Sign - Special Gifts


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Custom made metal sign with your logo or artwork. Perfect metal decor idea to spruce up your office or storefront! We can personalize metal into any shape and size; square signs, rectangular, circle signs, or special shapes. Completely personalize the metal artwork; street address, family name, wedding day, business logo, etc... to suit your requirements.

*Email me your logo or design idea, and we can craft metal art that will outlast anything else. Made from 14GA steel in the USA by a family operated small business.

* Makes a thoughtful gift for a new business owner, retirement gift, realtor closing gift, anniversary, Christmas gift, etc... Personalized Metal Signs are heirloom gifts and important contributions to the workplace or home. Everything we make is important to somebody!

*This is not a strictly business sign. You can have us use your family name, street address, or anything else. We have thousands of graphic designs at our fingertips, so let me know what you're envisioning. We have a GREAT track record of making it happen!

*Choose the best size metal sign to fit your space. If you need a sign larger than those listed, let me know.

* Powder coat is a baked-on finish that is UV stable and weatherproof. This means that it is well suited for outdoors and will resist fading. The color selection shown is what we keep in stock for immediate use, BUT, we have others. If you're looking for something particular, just ask. If we don't have the color you need, we can usually obtain it quickly. (At additional charge)

* The raw steel has 2 options. One is RAW (no finish). This is the condition of the steel as it arrives from the mill and is generally a grey color. The gray may also have stains and other inconsistencies. It will also show evidence of working the steel (sanding smooth around the edges, etc...) The steel sign will be smooth and clean BUT WILL RUST. Faster or slower depending upon location. The other option for RAW is a spray clear coat. This is matte clear spray paint over the aforementioned RAW. This will preserve the steel indefinitely inside a controlled humidity building and will preserve it a long time outside in a covered area. It doesn't hurt to spray with matte clear once a year or so to maintain. RAW with indoor clear is NOT good for properties exposed to salt air. RAW, with or without clear coat will rust immediately in those conditions. Powder coat is best near bodies of salt water.